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About Us

Welcome to Murdoch Hill

We are proud of our patch of the Adelaide Hills and are excited to share it with you. Murdoch Hill acknowledges the people of Peramangk Land on which it standsand recognises their connection to culture, community and Country.

An Adelaide Hills labour of love

Our vineyard and winery are located behind the township of Oakbank in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. We have been farming here since 1939, with four Generations of family caring for this land. We established our vineyard and started producing wines in 1998.

Meet our winemaker Michael

Michael formally trained as a winemaker at Adelaide University. After studying Oenology he toured the great wine regions of the world with harvest experience in Adelaide Hills, Barolo, Italy, Great Western, Victoria. Then came home to lead the winemaking at Murdoch Hill. His approach is to make wines focused on being honest to their origins and express creativity. Combining sound technical knowledge with an adventurous spirit. Employing winemaking techniques that give freshness and vibrancy resulting in delicate wines suited to pairing with the modern Australian food scene.

“I simply wanted to come home and make wine that shows a sense of place, something that is embedded in the European wine culture. This required moving in a more minimalistic winemaking approach utilising wild yeasts, gentle extraction techniques, reducing additions to show the purity of fruit, overall I wanted to make delicious drinkable wine styles that are”