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2022 Landau Syrah

Medium-bodied and gracefully balanced, it delights with fine-grained tannins and a juicy core of red fruit, displaying superb drinkability. A testament to our dedication, this vintage shows remarkable progression from the celebrated 2021 Landau.

96 Points
"Among the vanguard of exceptional Australian shiraz. Or syrah as it is called here for the sake of differentiating this lithesome, aromatic and mid-weighted expression from the yeomen of warmer zones. Exceptional aromas of violets, crushed blueberries, white pepper, cloves, olives, saucisson and nori. The mid-palate is a sinuous concourse of measured generosity and freshness. The tannins, supple and impeccably shaped. The finish, long and energetic, without being obvious. In fact, nothing here is obvious, which is what makes for such exceptional drinking. If asked my favorite Australian syrah, this would be with the four or five gushed in the first breath." Drink or hold. Screw cap. Ned Goodwin MW Senior Editor

"The Landau 2021 was among the top-scoring wines last year and the 2022 version is no different. It was another cool year, attenuated and European of styling, with ample water in the ground to promote a long, gradual ripening window as things dried out following veraison into the beginning of summer. This sort of ripening pattern facilitates optimally ripe fruit of restrained sugars, modest alcohol levels and sinuous tannins, buffered by natural acid retention. The quality of fruit was high, according to winemaker Michael Downer. While the crop was abstemious, the vintage pattern was certainly preferable to a fast and furious hot year, when sugars outpace phenolic ripening and alcohols soar." Ned Goodwin MW -